Staffordshire Rescue Scotland – 2020 Calendar

A little earlier in the year I photographed 12 dogs for the Staffordshire Rescue Scotland 2020 Calendar.

They were all dogs that had been rehomed and settled into their new lives.  I had previously met some of the dogs when they were looking for home, so it was really nice to see them all settled in loving homes.  Sonny especially, when I originally met him he was extremely excitable and found it hard to control his mouthing – he didn’t mean any harm, he just got so worked up he had trouble controlling himself.  It was an absolutely pleasure to meet him again and to see how much more chilled out he is now that he has found his perfect family.

I love staffies, when I was quite young my gran and granddad rescued a staffie.  Duke was a proper old school staffie, quite short but built like a tank.  I’ll be honest when they first got him I was terrified of him but that didn’t last long, he was the gentlest soul.  I quickly fell in love with him – he really was the best dog.

I decided to do them all against bright colours to make the images fun and modern.

If you would like one hit up Staffordshire Rescue Scotland  on their FB Page –

But be quick there was only a handful left at the time of publishing this post.




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