2022 Year End Round Up!

There goes another year!

2022 had it’s ups and downs, mainly ups thankfully!

Started off on a bit of a downer as the builders did a shockingly bad job on our new studio.  Thankfully it’s all fixed now by a more competent team of builders!

However it was all ups from there!

I welcomed so many dogs into the studio, along with some cats and a birdie! I can’t include everyone in this post but I’ve added a selection of images from 2022 below!

I also got the chance to hang out with some of the very best dog photographers in the world!  I ‘ve hosted mini workshops for them in the studio.  Looking forward to hanging out with them again in 2023.

I didn’t do much location work this year but I did get to go to some stunning locations to photograph dogs this year.

It’s always worth repeating, dog photography clients are the best!  So many lovely people in the studio this year.

2023 is hopefully more of the same.  Lots of new clients.

In March myself and some friends are arranging Not a Retreat in Aberfledy for a week.  An excuse to stay in a big house with a bunch of pet photographers and travel Scotland photographing dogs… hevean!

Oh and I’ve some super exciting news for later in the year but I can’t say just yet.

Thank you to everyone that came to the studio and to those that have followed my work. Much Love, Ewan


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