About Mutley’s Snaps

Contemporary Pet Photographer based in Falkirk  

As a lifelong dog lover, Mutley’s Snaps was formed to merge my love of animals and photography to allow others to experience the joy I have found in capturing that perfect moment and the memories that these images evoke.

Offering both outdoor and studio pet photography experiences, Mutley’s Snaps aim to give you portraits that capture your pet’s individual personality and quirks. The little things that make them treasured family members. Whether it’s a gentle stroll round a country park, a fun filled hike up the hills or chasing bubbles in our studio we will tailor the experience to your pet’s personality.

We truly believe the true beauty of photography is having the images turned into stunning wall art or a beautiful album, to be seen by your visitors and not to be left on a USB stick forgotten in drawer.

My name is Ewan and I’m the man behind the camera. I really do love nothing better than spending my days photographing pets. Whether its laying in the mud as a great dane charges head first towards me chasing a ball (silently praying they will swerve at the last second) or bursting out laughing as a pug chases bubbles in the studio. I’ve found my happy place spending time with these lovely pets and the people that treasure them as family.

I live with my wife Claire who helps with most aspects of Mutley’s Snaps as well as running her own very successful web design business, and our two boxer dogs, Buk and Aurora.

When not photographing pets I can be found making furniture out of old scaffolding boards. In the Muay Thai gym wondering if it will ever get any easier, shortly followed by collapsing in a sweaty heap somewhere.

For a more leisurely pace I love nothing better than laying in bed with Claire and the dogs binge watching the latest boxset. 

Photo by The Curries

the resident Mutleys

Sadly we lost both Buk and Aurora in 2020.  It seems fitting that they went close together, they were always with each other in life.  Their passing has left a massive hole in our lives.  Mutley’s Snaps will always be their legacy. 

Bukowski, Buk to his friends, is a goof. Don’t let the grey face fool you, there is still plenty of life in the old dog. The most surprising thing about Buk is that he got to this age without breaking his neck pulling off some hair brain antics. Buk really has lived his life at a million miles an hour, often leaving us with our hearts in our mouths as he leaps into the unknown. He has slowed a little but he still has the spark.

Aurora, our little Rora dogs is a bit special. She is the sweetest little dog but unfortunately due to a rubbish start in life she has lots of behaviour and health problems. The outside world can be hard for her to deal with. Find a quiet woodland and she loves to run and play with Buk. She loves nothing better than curling up between Claire’s legs on the bed. Given Rora’s problems I have a much greater understanding of dogs needing time and space, and for things to happen at a level they are comfortable with.

For our family our memories of Buk and Aurora will always be of the fun and mischief they get up to when out and about. That smile that appears on Buk’s face only when he is running without a care in the world…

…and these are the moments that Mutley’s Snaps want to preserve for you.