Say hello to my mini muse – Flo

I first met Flo as a tiny puppy, she curled up in my knee in a coffee shop and quickly went to sleep.  She was just the sweetest little thing.  We quickly arranged to do a photoshoot for her and Findlay the collie where her mum and dad, who are wedding photographers – Picturesque, by Mr and Mrs M, would do behind the scenes photos.  The behind the scenes images that were captured perfectly sum up how fun and relaxed our studio sessions are – from then on we have been really good friends with Flo’s mum and dad.

Sadly Findlay the collie is no longer with us but Flo has a new partner in crime – Winnie the long hair miniature dachshund.

I’ve really enjoyed photographing Flo as she has grown up and since most of my followers know who Flo is, it only seemed right to give Flo her own page on the website.   I adore this wee bundle of trouble!