Border Collies Portraits – Glasgow Dog Photography Studio

Lisa from Stirling Agility  brought 4 of the girls in for portraits recently.  Dee the brown girl came in without the others so we could do some more relaxed ones of her.  Most people only see super intense Dee when she at the agility course, but normally she is a very soft sweet girl.

Lisa also wanted some photos of the 3 black girls together.  I missed that the 3 black girls would include Pip – the studio and myself haven’t quite recovered from the last time she was in at 8 weeks old!  Being a working border collie Pip doesn’t come with an off switch.  She just keeps going and going and going…  She is incredibly cute and sweet but she really isn’t meant for a pet home.  With Lisa she has a home where she can put all that energy and intelligence to good use.

The black girls are Pip 18 weeks old, Breeze 4 in January and Tig 13 in the spring.  Breeze and Lisa have been selected to represent Scotland at Crufts 2018 in agility.

I decided that I would really like to try the black girls on a black background which worked really well.



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