Brooke the whippet at Baxters Park – Dundee

I’ve a confession to make – sunny shoots make me panic!

Let’s face it we aren’t blessed with much sunny weather here in Scotland for the most part and when we do get sunny days during a shoot I feel out of my comfort zone.

Although I’m so pleased the sun shone brightly for Brooke’s shoot – all that sparkly golden loveliness.

Brooke’s mum and dad got married at Baxters Pavilion and wanted to get Brookes images done in the same location.  It turned out to be perfect for the shoot!

In the photos of Brooke rolling on her back she is actually rolling on a worm she picked up and then dropped so she could roll in it.  I love seeing all the dogs little quirks.

After the shoot I stopped at the V&A to check it out.  I can’t wait until I the fence comes down and I can shoot there with a dog.


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