Christmas Cards

With times being a little uncertain I thought I’d try out something a little different.
If you have previously been in for a shoot I can take one of your images and turn it into an image that is ready to print onto Christmas cards.
The images will come with added snow and a choice of Christmas message on the front ie “Happy Christmas” “Merry Christmas from the Smith Family” “Happy Holidays from Oscar and Pippa” etc.
Just let me know what you would like. If you ask really nicely I could probably rustle up some reindeer antlers to further embarrass your dog 🙂
I will prepare the images to the size of card of your choosing.
Your image ready for printing will cost £20.

You do need to have the cards printed yourself but I can point you in the direction of some places to go.

Moo do 105mm x 148mm cards for the following prices

To order from Moo click here.
Vista Print has 182 x 117mm and 140 x 140mm cards for the following prices

To order from Vista Print click here.  You want to use the first option “Use your design – Upload it”.  Prices are with the code NOV20 added at the checkout!

Prices for Moo and Vista Print were correct when I wrote this. 

You can have the cards printed elsewhere if you like, just let me know sizes so I can make sure the images are cropped to the correct proportions.

To pay for your image please click here.

What I need from you

  • Dogs name, breed and roughly when you had the photos done.
  • Which image you would like used(black backgrounds or a light neutral colour is typically best). If you don’t know which image or don’t have access to it just let me and I’ll help you out.
  • Your message for the front of the card.
  • The size of card you would like and where you are getting them printed – so I can get you the best image quality and correct cropped for the printer.
You need to email me at or PM my Facebook Page with all the above information.
I still have all the images I have ever shot, so it doesn’t matter when you were in or if I did the images at an event I will still have them.
Thank you, Ewan

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