Dog photography Central Scotland – 5 dogs, no sweat!

I received a message last year asking if I still had any slots for guaranteed Christmas delivery of wall art.  I said yes before I asked what the dog was.  Then I finally did ask and it wasn’t a dog but 5 – 2 boxers, 2 chihuahua crosses and a cairn terrier.  I’ll be honest I panicked slightly thinking what have I let myself in for.  I shouldn’t have worried they all behaved so well and it was great fun.

I do love the challenge of shoots with multiple dogs, you never know how it’s going to go.  This one there was no photoshop involved in the group shots!

There family drove a long way to sneak them into the studio for Christmas surprises.

This has turned out to be one of my favourite shoots.  I hope it helps you to see the variety in my studio work.  A studio session at Mutley’s Snaps is not just one or two final portraits but a whole gallery of various poses, backgrounds and silly faces.


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