Flo the Dachshund’s Glencoe Adventure – Scottish Dog Photographer

Are you all ready for Flo’s epic Glencoe adventure?

Glencoe is my absolute favourite place on the planet. It’s just one of these rare places that gives me a complete sense of peace.

This year I will be introducing a Glencoe Experience Package and I want to go explore some locations up there, so who better to take than Flo and her dad Bryan.

We decided to head up into the Lost Valley, it was a bit of a hike with all the snow and the path that’s not much of a path at times.  Wee Flo managed great going up, bouncing happily about in the snow.  She snuggled into her dads jacket all the way back down.

The day left me with lots of ideas for the Glencoe Experience!  I’m rubbish with words, so just enjoy the beautiful images of Flo and Glencoe.


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