Rumble – Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy Shoot – Scottish Dog Photography

It’s not often that I have a shoot booked before the dog has even been conceived!  Rumble’s mum got in touch with me before it was even confirmed that there would definitely be puppies.

Puppies are always a fun challenge, unlike (most) adult dogs they don’t have sit or stay commands.  One of the things I hear most often when clients come back to see their photos is they are surprised at how many shots I got.  Rumble’s mum was no exception, she thought I’d maybe have one or two good shots of her.  Although it doesn’t look like it, Rumble was not for staying still for more than a split second.  Rumble will be an agility dog once she grows up and she was determine to get in some practice in whilst in the studio.

That’s where going to a photographer that specialises in only pets pays off. We excel at capturing those split seconds where they actually look at the camera!

Hope you enjoy Rumble’s cuteness as much as I did.


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