We had a Scottish Elopement with the dogs!

If you follow Mutley’s Snaps on social media you are bound to know that we got married in April.

I’d love to share the story with you and some of the beautiful images that The Curries captured for us.

We have been together for around 13 years now, never really planned on getting married, the thought of a big wedding and all the fuss just wasn’t for us.  Then we started seeing lots of amazing elopements and thought that’s something we can absolutely do!  I proposed to Claire on her 30th birthday, then it took us another few years to actually do anything about it.  We had been fans of The Curries work for a while and without having a date, venue or any kind of idea of what we were going to do we contacting them to see if they would be interested in photographing our wedding.  The only things we knew we wanted were for it to be outdoors, Buk and Aurora to be there, and that we wanted to elope in secret.   Gillian and Chris(The Curries) kindly agreed to be our witnesses!

One of the important things for us when choosing Chris and Gillian to photograph our wedding was their relaxed style.  With Claire being in a wheelchair none of the traditional couple poses work and the last thing we wanted was a set of uncomfortable looking photos.   Google is full of awful photographs from weddings and couples shoots where one of them is in a wheelchair – it’s all a little forced.  We didn’t want that and when we met up with Chris(Gillian was ill) he absolutely got that and it all seemed like the perfect fit!

So we booked Chris and Gillian for a random date in April a year later with nothing else planned.  Chris suggested that we might want to contact Gillian’s mum Sheila who is a Humanist Celebrant.  Sheila was lovely and seemed like the perfect fit for our elopement.

It took us a while to settle on the location, we wanted something that was remote and quiet, Aurora doesn’t do well with other dogs and we didn’t want her stressing out.  The problem with remote and quiet is that it’s generally not very accessible for Claire.  We have always loved Carron Valley Reservoir but it’s so close to home we were hesitant about it.  We decided to take the dogs for a walk their and just see how it felt and we knew it was the right location.

We really didn’t do much planing, everything was left to the last minute.  Ordered some clothes online, booked the week away in Fife.  Claire had to be pushed into hiring someone to do her hair and make up, if not it would fall to me to help her with that and it would have been a disaster! She doesn’t like spending money on herself, so to hire professionals to do it for her was quite a big thing for her.  She is so glad she did though, Anne-Marie & Julie from AMM Team did an amazing job.  The last piece of the puzzle was Rachael, Hedgerow, who made a beautiful floral crown for Claire and a matching floral collar for Aurora.

Before the wedding we had an engagement shoot in Glasgow, starting at 13th Note(which is the best pub in Glasgow for food…fact!) then heading up to Glasgow Green.  We got some beautiful images from that, as well as getting to know how Chris and Gillian work and a chance to relax while getting our photos taking.

AMM Team and Hedgerow came to where we were staying in Fife(Homelands Trust) to help Claire get ready, if you would like to see some photos I took before and after Claire did a wee blog post on it which you can see here.

Only problem with included the dogs was that the car looked like a hair and slobber bomb went off in it!  So for our drive to Carron Valley Claire had to be wrapped in a blanket and I wore a t-shirt and got dressed in the car park(I’m full of class).

For the actual wedding we basically went for a walk with the dogs, stopped said our vows then carried on with the walk.  It really was that simple, absolutely no fuss, no stress, just a lovely relaxing afternoon in the beautiful Scottish countryside.  The only people there we myself and Claire, Chris and Gillian, Sheila and of course Buk and Aurora.  Buk and Aurora were so well behaved, not sure how that happened… that never happens.  They had lots of fun running and playing.  Oh and slobbering.  If you look closely when we were saying our vows my trousers were covered in slobber!

It really was perfect for us, and all about us.  There was no trying to please other people, feeling like you were preforming for everyone.  It was just a lovely experience.

We can’t thank Chris, Gillian and Sheila enough, they really helped to make the day special.  Chris and Gillian were just so chilled about it all,  and Sheila tailored the ceremony just for us.

We didn’t tell anyone(family and friends) until the day after, everyone was pleased for us and no one was upset they didn’t get an invite.

I’ll stop waffling and show you the photos.

All images are by The Curries

Chris and Gillian moved to London the weekend after our wedding but travel all over for weddings, so if you want lovely people to create lovely images of your wedding hit them up!



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